The amazing reputation of our Los Angeles Appliance Repair Experts goes beyond the borders of our city. Just as California is famous for Disneyland and Los Angeles is known for the Walt Disney Concert Hall, Mulholland Drive and the glamour of Hollywood, our company is also known for its efficiency and professionalism. We serve commercial and residential clients, who need appliances repair and excel in what we do because we are conscientious, knowledgeable and focused. As committed Los Angeles Appliance Repair experts, we make sure the requests of our customers are met with excellence and speed. We are all familiar with fridges, stoves, washer and dryers and know how to fix all appliances with diligence. We excel in appliances repair service and are technicians, who can be trusted for their reliability and competence. 

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You can count on our company whether you need commercial or home appliance repair. We excel in both! We understand the urgency to fix appliances when needed for commercial use and rush to help restaurants or hotels, but we also respect the needs of homeowners and are equally fast when they need assistance. When the refrigerator is noisy, the washer doesn't spin and the dryer is smoking, we'll be there to fix the problem. We repair both big and small appliance and you can also be sure of the quality of each appliance service technician of our company.  

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When you need the most efficacious Appliance Repair Los Angeles crew for services, hiring our company is the best gift you can offer to yourself. We don't just deliver; we deliver well. We know how to fix issues with all appliances since we have knowledge of all of them despite of how modern they are and are also familiar with different brands, types and models. We excel in commercial and home kitchen appliance repairs, are fast when there are emergencies, and make sure the needs of our customers are met in full. We excel in repair services, but are equally proficient in the installation of all appliances. When there is need to pay attention to safety regulations - as in the case of dryers, we are extremely cautious. We give gravity to every tiny detail and that's one more reason why we excel in our work. 

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I never expected that dryer and dishwasher maintenance would make such a big difference to the appliances and the way they work. My friend had told me about it and about Appliance Repair LA but I couldn't believe it. Then I thought to try out their service since we use the dishwasher and top load dryer every single day in our home. The service was awesome, the outcome was incredible, the technicians were here on the time we had agreed on and they were also very polite. I will certainly call back to maintain the other appliances, too. 

carl n.

I love the service of Appliance Rerpair Experts LA and really appreciate that they had come both times I needed them in such a short time. Though, what I truly like about these appliance service technicians is their good behavior, courtesy and friendliness. I don't like people who hardly say “hi” or people who like to keep their distance. Our world has become cold and impersonal as it is and so I loved it when these guys had come for home appliance repair and were so friendly. I recommend them for such nice behavior and the great service.

jane k.

It took me a long time to find an appliance repair expert but I think I found the best. I wanted an expert in the most recent appliances and someone I can count on because I am out of town a lot and hardly have the time for such problems. Appliance Repair Experts was recommended and I truly appreciated the reliability and expertise of the technicians. I have called twice for appliances service so far and both times they were on time and very discreet. I like that on professionals and it's one of the reasons why I recommend them. 

norm d.

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